Special Education School Coordinator’s Consortium:

Title:  Special Education School Coordinator’s Consortium

Date(s):  September 20, 2019; February 20, 2020

Time(s):  8:30 am – 3:30 pm

Location: SCGLRS: Woodard Classroom

Registration via Okefenokee RESA at: www.okresa.org

Registration Deadline:  September 6, 2019



Course Description:  Consortium for Special Education School Coordinators. Topics and support will be determined collaboratively and based on current trends and needs.

Class Notes: 

September 20 (Elementary, MS, and HS) – Topics will be FTE: how to maximize funding, and processes and practices as well as the GNETS referral and reintegration process.

February 20 (Elementary only) February 21 (Middle School and High School only)-Topics will be assistive technology and interventions.

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