Materials Center Policies and Procedures

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                                                                                                         Know the Rules-3


  • Any person working with children with disabilities may borrow materials.
  • Parents and/or Guardians of children with disabilities may borrow materials.
  • Each patron must complete a materials checkout form and sign and date Borrowers’ Agreement portion, which states that they are responsible for the materials they are checking out and that the material must be replaced if they are lost, stolen or damaged.
  • GLRS materials that are checked out by one patron and loaned to another individual must be replaced by the patron who originally checked them out if they are damaged, lost, or stolen.
  • The loan period for instructional materials is four (4) weeks.
  • The loan period for video tapes and testing materials is two (2) weeks.
  • Patrons may renew items checked out if the items are not on reserve for another borrower.  Renewals may be made in person or by telephone.
  • Patrons, reserving an item, will be notified when the item is available.
  • There is a limit of six (6) items which may be checked out at one time.  This policy means that an individual may have only six (6) items checked out at any given time, including renewals.

Overdue Items:

  • Overdue notices are made after four (4) weeks.
  • The GLRS secretary contacts by phone, mail or e-mail all patrons who have overdue material.  They are asked to return or re-check material.  If a patron does not respond to notices or phone calls, a memo is sent to them with carbon copy sent to their school administrator and/or Special Education Director informing them that patron is responsible for unreturned, lost, or stolen materials.

Lost Items:

  • When items are lost, the replacement cost is found by using the original vendor’s most recent catalog price or another vendor with the same item.  Patrons are made aware of cost and are expected to replace lost, damaged, or stolen materials.
  • If items are located, our fiscal agent (Okefenokee RESA) refunds money to the patron.

Materials to be Purchased:

  • Teachers, parents, and administrators are encouraged to identify materials they wish GLRS to purchase to assist them in educating students.
  • We, also, purchase according to current educational needs and assessments.


South Central GLRS, in cooperation with the eight (8) school systems it serves, operates a Make-n-Take Center.  South Central GLRS no longer carries the Ellison Dies. We DO however provide one (1) 25” laminator.

The laminating machine is available to users by appointment.  Call (912) 338-5998 to schedule an appointment.  Walk-ins are also welcome, however, this is on a first come, first serve basis when no appointment has been made.  **Please Note: The GLRS laminator MUST be turned off and your laminating completed by 3:15 pm on Mondays thru Fridays.  (Our laminator takes at least 15 minutes to heat up, and needs to cool down before we leave for the day).  This means you MUST schedule your appointment time to take this into consideration.  Thank you.  GLRS Staff

For more information or to schedule an appointment, call: (912) 338-5998 or please contact Deborah Baxley.


Hours of Operation:

Monday-Friday:  7:00 am – 4:00 pm  (*South Central GLRS Secretary’s Office Hours)