2018-19: Regional Assistive Technology and Speech-Language Consortium:

Title: 2018-19: Regional Assistive Technology and Speech-Language Consortium

Date(s): September 14, 2018; January 25, 2019; March 22, 2019

Time(s):  9:00 am – 3:00 pm

Registration via: Okefenokee RESA at: www.okresa.org  or click on red button below:

Registration Deadline:  September 27, 2018






Course Description:  This training is for Regular and Special Education Teachers, Service Providers, and Speech Language Pathologists who work with students with disabilities requiring assistance and support with the use of assistive technology and adaptive technical resources.  Participants from counties in the South Georgia region will explore the latest research-based resources, practices and procedures in implementing assistive technology in the classroom.

Class Notes:

Class meeting dates:

September 14, 2018: (Saltillo Corporation) integrating Core Vocabulary into the Classroom

January 25, 2019: GaDOE Assistive Technology Presenter

March 22, 2019: (Tobii Dynavox Solutions) Communication with Core Vocabulary and Tips and Trick with Snap/Core First