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Highlights from the 2017-18 Special Education Administrators Leadership Conference:

On September 27-29, 2017, the South Central GLRS Region Directors of Special Education teamed with the South Central GLRS staff and the Georgia Department of Education District Liaison  to discuss how the work of Student Success: Imagine the Possibilities continues this year through the District Improvement Plan.  The priorities of the Georgia Department of Education for FY ’18 were presented. The three areas of emphasis are based on data from the Dispute Resolution Unit.  Presentation from GLRS staff and GADOE District Liaison related to IEP Development and Implementation and Evaluations/ Eligibilities. Working in small groups the attendees discussed the procedures/practices in their systems to address these areas and noted possible revisions needed.  The IDEA portion of Cross Functional Monitoring was also highlighted by Dr. Debbie Reagin from GADOE. The group had time allotted to work on the Procedures and Practices Manuals from each school district.   We concluded the conference with a book study of The Positive Dog by Jon Gordon.

Please click on the slider buttons or slider arrows (either side of photos) to view highlights from the Special Ed. Administrators’ Leadership Conference 2017-18:

South Central GLRS Team who attended the conference:

Dr. DeAnne Merrell, Atkinson County

Ms. Mandy Harper, Bacon County

Ms. Roxie Tumlin and Ms. Wendi Lee, Brantley County

Dr. Sherilonda Green and Mr. Matt Wainright, Charlton County

Mr. Dane Heard, Clinch County

Dr. Tonya Johnson and Dr. Dana Vickers, Coffee County

Ms. Belinda Tiller, Pierce County

Dr. Donna McClain, Ware County

Dr. Debbie Reagin, GaDOE

Ms. Dana Robbins and Ms. Lisa Fesperman, South Central GLRS


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